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Realization is a Process - The Timid Usually Get Left Behind


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Preparing for the Decades to Come - Generational Protection
Why Not Prepare for What Always Comes Through Earth-History-Time?
Living in today's structures are like living on the edge of a volcano. Structures built today are insufficient for secure habitation.

Opinions expressed on this website are my personal opinions and observations of the world in which we live and more importantly my views on the new era we are entering.

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An exciting and experience filled life with few gripes. Life isn't perfect for anybody but if we keep working at it we will be rewarded in appropriate ways. At 44 years old the next chapter is yet to
be written as the next chapter is a big but must do endeaver! Entrepreneurship is
full of challenges but the challenge itself is all about learning to be the best at what you do.


Summary BIO

Grew up on residential construction sites starting at .25 cents an hour, worked on large commerical construction projects as a young man, US Navy (GMG (NAM)), Wall St experience (WTC), Logistics Specialist and Entrepreneur. Columbia College - Missouri

- Ages 0-10 pretty much into everything a kid could get into including moving furniture around my house at 2, so the story goes.
- At 10 had first successful big game outing
- 10-14 spent summers on residential construction sites. Started at .25 cents per hour.
- 15-17 worked in residential construction. Things like digging swimming pools for Kool Pools with a 4x4 backhoe.
- 17 graduated high school
- 17-19 worked for a large commercial Masonry company (family owned), operated Skytracts and other large equipment, ran weekend labor crews for large commercial construction projects such as Toys R Us, Super Kmart, Super Walmart, government buildings, Pep Boys, etc.
- 19-21 started a brick mailbox building business out of the trunk of my Crown Victoria. As well as working for various sub contractors in all aspects of building.
- 20 started college
- 22 joined the US Navy - GMG3 Recieved the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (NAM)
- My son, Rylan, was born.
- 25 moved to New York City

- 1998-2000: NYC was my true introduction to the world of large corporations, different industries and the stock market.
My first calling was Morgan Rose Realty, passed the NY Real Estate exam but a lady at the firm told me everyday I should be a stock broker.
First job as a stock broker trainee was in the World Trade Center (North Tower) 86th floor for Stockton Equities Group. I realized quickly that high pressure sales wasn't for me. At that time I wanted the full experience of Wall St so I went to work for a few boutique firms for a short time. Then started my first official company called Network Properties, Inc. It was a company founded on IP that was to be the basis for a hedge fund but I sold for a nice profit and moved back to Seattle.
- 2001-2004 I moved back to Seattle and started a company called eXacta Digital. We were the largest retailer of digital weighing scales and body fat monitors online for a time with paper thin profit margins. It was the biggest failure I've ever had. However, it's my most precious learning experience.
- 2005 Went to work with a company that did emergency repair at power plants. This was a time to re-group.
- 2006-2009 Moved to Utah and contracted with a logistics company out of Utah.
- 2010-2015 Started A.L.O.C. and A.L.N.J. This company was a internet based referral company helping families with assisted living placement for a fee. A competitor to A Place for Mom. Had contracts with all the ALR's. I sold the company.
- 2012 to present Planning and developing the future of housing.
- 2016 to present Started a small TC that contracts with a large company to start geo mapping future markets for development.

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HeathSharbono.com The Future In General Doers Life Summary Links Other Contact

We are losing our creativity and innovation by just following what the next guy/company is doing.

Imagine the imaginable in all things...One's perception isn't always reality...

When things get extreme like when the stock market tops or bottoms 90% of participants think the current trajectory will continue...

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