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Developing Security Structures® for Impending Major World Events - Bunker Homes for the Present and Future....
Information published on this website are my personal observations and opinions.
We have entered a New World Era. This ain't your grandpa's world-wide weapons arsenal.

Heath Sharbono

Preparing for tomorrow - Generational Protection
Why Not Prepare for What Always Comes Through Earth-History-Time?
Living in today's structures are like living on the edge of a volcano.
Structures built today are insufficient for secure habitation.

Once the media coverage is door to door and people ask what happened?
Then it's too late...

Missiles take a few minutes...Preparation takes months even if you are liquid...

Much to say but there is a lot of world risks you have to consider for continuity.
Facts, information & basic reasoning provide the best outcomes in the long run

The first nuclear or non-nuclear EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapon
launched by Iran or any capable nation state is the beginning
of the world's e-infrastructure frying dark.

Any fifty 15 kiloton equivalents released in the Indo Pac region + Pak
or elsewhere more than destabilizes world $ liquidity.

A world living on the ledge with EMP's and nukes set to go...

When and where? An Archduke Franz Ferdinand or continue sleepwalking

The citizenry is uninformed - it's a world moving at lightspeed

You can't put the genie back in the bottle...The ship will sail

This site was created as an alternative to social media platforms.

Would you run toward a fire to save a kid or run away from it to save yourself?
Risk is in the eye of the beholder.

Developing physical insurance products through Security Structures®.

>>> Basic Threat 101 information

>>> The immediate potential of a disabled US Military

A World of Change:

Iranian, Russian, Chinese, Saudia Arabian, North Korean, Israeli, +, non-nuclear & nuclear rated standard Electromagnetic Pulse weapons (EMP) and High altitude Electromagnetic
Pulse weapons (HEMP)

An ever escalating South China Sea (real-time)

A natural CME or intentional EMP/HEMP is a death sentence

Pakistan dramatically increasing nuclear weapons grade material output

The US Military or any advanced regional military systems could easily be disabled (the US Military's Achilles Hill (EMP)) in minutes by an HEMP/EMP

Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager messages enlightenment of threat, EMP's, to investors

Russia's "RT" on American Military vulnerabilities

China's most secret Nuclear Fallout Bunkers

10 ways Russia is preparing for war. #1 is the only real protection for people on the planet regardless of country

United Nations Risk of Nuclear War - "greater risk than ever"

The New Age of Terrorism via Unmanned Drones (Assassinations, Drone to aircraft and CBR Delivery)

Basic Fallout from a relatively small nuclear war (India and Pakistan) Israel to another))
(2 billion dead, electromagnetic pulse release, and economic chaos everywhere in the world)

Russia set to unleash new soldiers on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) battlefield

10 well-known Government Bunkers in the United States (structurally obsolete)

Congressional and Supreme Court Bunkers (structurally obsolete)

What's next, turn command centers over to Artificial Intelligence

Putin's new Executive Bunker /-/ Russian Bunker projects

Governmental Fallout Armaments (structurally obsolete)

Climate Change scenario by NASA

Beijing and Moscow on the rise

Experts Believe We Are Already in the Middle of a Cyber War

North Korea's (+ China, Iran and Russia) deadly H / EMP (High-altitude
Electromagnetic Pulse weapons) threat

William R. Graham, Chairman of the Congressional EMP Commission (D.P.R.K based scenario)

North Korea Missiles can reach Anywhere in the US

A little bit of a religious spin on EMP's

Teen builds working nuclear fusion reactor in Memphis, TN home

Denver Colorado

HeathSharbono.com World News (Reuters) Contact

The answer is simple but understanding the question is much
simpler -
What's coming is sooner than one would assume.

The next shoe to drop may be tailor-made. To risk it ALL without preparation in
the name of pure hope for a countries like Pakistan V/S India, North Korea,
Iran + to do the right thing by you and your family is hopelessly naive/insane.

Neville Chamberlain 1938
Neville Chamberlain in 1938 heralding "Peace for our time".
WWII broke out shortly thereafter.

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