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Developing Security Structures® for Impending Major World Events - The Future of Housing...
Opinions expressed on this website are my personal opinions and observations of the
world in which we live and more importantly my views on the New World Era we have fully entered.

Denver Colorado

Heath Sharbono

Preparing for tomorrow - Generational Protection
Why Not Prepare for What Always Comes Through Earth-History-Time?
Living in today's structures are like living on the edge of a volcano.
Structures built today are insufficient for secure habitation.

More to say but words ring hollow as you will see in real-time where
things are once the media gets it's head out of it's arse. Then it's too late...
Missiles take a few minutes...Preparation takes months even if you are liquid...

So - so much to say but there is a lot you have to figure out on your own or it doesn't work...Facts, Information & basic sight provides the best outcomes in the long run...

ANY spark in Indo or elsewhere could lead to world conflagration.
A world on edge with nukes everywhere and more by the day...

When and where? An Archduke Franz Ferdinand or we just keep sleepwalking?

The citizenry is uninformed/F'ing clueless - it's a world moving faster and faster

You can't put the genie back in the bottle...The ship will sail

This site was created as an alternative to social media platforms. You will no longer find me on the cookie cutter sites. After all, I am in the business of ultimate security in all facets. I have friends on the left and right, in different industries, with many types of views.

Some people see the world much more broadly and aren't scared to
venture where others are scared to go while minimizing risk. Would you run toward a fire to save a kid or run away from it to save yourself? Risk is in the eye of the beholder.

I am an entrepreneur but focussing on the short term is not as interesting as realizing and quantifying the larger long term trends in industry, basic safety and security, the structural short comings in the economy concerning jobs and Worldly Outcomes.

Developing a physical insurance policy, so to speak, through Security Structures®.

On the Open Road

Not Me - Steamboat Springs CO
Vail Colorado

Bunker Construction

HeathSharbono.com World News Reference Contact

The answer is simple but understanding the question is even much
What's coming is too large for the noncomprehensive mind to grasp.

The next shoe to drop may be tailor-made. To risk it ALL without preparation in the name of
pure hope for a country like Pakistan to do the right thing by you and your family is hopelessly naive/insane.

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