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HeathSharbono.com A World at War Contact
Developing Secured Structures/Bunkers for Impending Major World Events - Bunker Homes for the Present and Future...
Luxury Bunkers for Safe Storage and Safe Living Following Disaster in a New World Era

Information published on this website are my personal observations and opinions.
We have entered a New World Era. This ain't your grandpa's world-wide weapons arsenal.

Heath Sharbono

Origin – Alexandria LA
GHS 91'
General Studies - LSUA, Columbia College
GMG - Us Navy
Entrepreneur - insurance, construction, healthcare, equities, transportation
Lived in Seattle, NYC, SLC, Denver

You Are Only As Strong As Your Greatest Weakness

Preparing for tomorrow - Generational Protection
Why Not Prepare for For What is the Clearest and Most Obvious Threats to Normality? Governments Don't Have to be the Only Entity with Safe Dwellings
Living in today's structures are like living on the edge of a volcano.
Structures built today are insufficient for protection from a societal breakdown, desparate and unprepared neighbors, near overnight supply and food shortages.

History is in some ways but not always the best predictor of the future...

Developing physical insurance products through Bunker Construction, Inc.

This site, HeathSharbono.com, was created as an
alternative to social media platforms.

In 1991 as the Soviet Union was collapsing Western politicians were jubilant. My number one concern quickly emerged.

For the first time in 1991, at 17 years old, I was truly assessing the world, my place in it, and what the pros and cons of the future of the world might hold. That summer, after barely graduating hs due to too having a rural too cool for school attitude, I looked around and seen a world that had weapons of mass destruction with emerging weapons technologies proliferated through an unsecured soviet arsenal. I thought it would be only a matter of a few years before briefcase nukes from the corrupted dismantling soviet arsenal would be going off around the world. Thankfully that never happened. My first serious assessment of the of the world has never left me. It seems more obvious than ever that the future will be filled with unimaginable chaos for most. Until something unearthly happens nation states are headed for a global showdown. Physical insurance through preparation leaves room for a fair amount of optimism for the continuity of capitalistic democracies in one form or another.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that is more dangerous, fragile, and vulnerable to disruption than ever before in human history. Life as we know it is less certain by the day because of advancing cyber, ground, electronic, space-based military technologies; increased weapons of mass destruction production/funding, and the proliferation of anti-human technologies in the hands of bad actors. You don’t need a nuclear war to shutdown advanced economies or disrupt a democrat society's way of life virtually overnight. China or Russia etc could take out a couple dozen of our key satellites and plunge the US into despair. It may even be Mother Nature that acts first such as a CME from the sun which is long overdue like in 1859. Advanced nations are almost totally dependent on electronics and electrical systems. The vulnerability of these systems is completely underappreciated. When goods can’t move you don’t eat. When babies don't get fed people come a knocking at their neighbors door.

I am committed to helping protect as many people as I possibly can, the only way I know how, through protective structures and unsantized information. Generally, people see the future as a continuation of prior generations with a few somewhat major economic and/or societal instability bumps in the road but that nothing bigger than what has been experienced before will happen to them in particular. It is unimaginable to most for it to be absolutely essential to have a three year supply of food, independent water supply, independent electrical generation, alternative communication system, and a super secure structure to be able to feel safe and sleep comfortable at night. This is all unimaginable or to most only imaginable but not realistic.

A typical home is entirely inadequate to protect families in a post breakdown society. Major and actual supply chain shutdowns of electricity, water, and shipments of basic commodities can and will unleash the very worst in people. The government can’t save us so we have to save ourselves now before nobody can save us.

Would you run toward a fire to save a kid or run away from it to save yourself?
Answer: Risk is in the eye of the beholder. Monday morning quaterbacks aren't real time.

The immediate potential of a disabled US Military


HeathSharbono.com A World at War Contact

The answer is complicated but understanding the question is
simpler -
What's coming is sooner than one would assume?

The next shoe to drop may be tailor-made. To risk it ALL without preparation in
the name of pure hope for countries like Pakistan V/S India, North Korea,
Iran, Russia, China + to do the right thing by you and your family is hopelessly naive/insane.

Neville Chamberlain 1938
Neville Chamberlain in 1938 heralding "Peace for our time".
WWII broke out shortly thereafter.

Winston Churchill famously retorted to Chamberlain,
“You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor, and you will have war.”

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